Attract New Customers to your Business

Businesses are always looking for new ways to bring new customers and clients to their services and products. In today’s current climate, making your potential customers aware of your business presence is vital for improving revenue. “It’s extremely common for businesses to spend 5% to 15% of annual revenue on marketing and promotions.” Do The […]

Can a Psychic Reading Really Change Your Life?

A Supernatural Experience Who visits a psychic? If a psychic could tell the future, how comes they don’t just look into future for the next lottery numbers? Psychics aren’t helpful at all. This is the type of cynicism that tends to be tagged onto psychic and other supernatural abilities such as clairvoyance.  However, in recent […]

General Techniques for Removing Stains in Your Carpet

Our Top Tips Removing stains in your carpet is the most unpleasant and truly painful household chore and it doesn’t guarantee that all stains will be removed. Stain prevention is an almost impossible task, but Do The Test has collected a list of interesting methods to removing stains in your home. Knowing these strategies is […]

Find the best dentist near London

The Best Dentists in the Surrounding Counties of London

London is one of the most popular cities in the world and there are over 300 languages spoken in the small English city, yet is known for being the largest city in Europe – interesting? See more facts. London is known for being a cosmopolitan, trendy and fashionable city. Did you know that 63% of […]

How do you protect your mobile phone?

Is there only a problem if you access the internet with your phone? What other issues could you have? Don’t receive messages coming from Bluetooth, especially if you don’t know the sender, it may cause a virus on your phone. Put your phone in secure place and don’t expose it to dirt and grime. Don’t […]

Digital Advertising the Next Big Thing

A recent PWC study of the advertising market has revealed that “Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is a key component for industry growth, while traditional OOH remains steady” What is Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising? DOOH advertising is essentially any digital form of advertising taking place outside of the traditional home i.e. in town centres, at train stations, […]

Top Tips for Becoming a Property Developer

Make Money from Property Development People have been looking for alternative investment opportunities. Property has been a solid investment for years and after the credit crunch and recent recessions, has become a popular choice for those looking for a great return on their investments. Write A Business Plan It is absolutely essential to write a […]

Luxury hotels feel the pinch and struggle to maintain standards

Around the clock at a luxury hotel As lam nears on a sultry Hong Kong morning, most of the 1000 or so guests of the Hilton hotel have retired. The hotel’s seven restaurants and two bars are closed. Shopping arcade, sauna, gymnasium, tennis courts and swimming pool are deserted. Staff in the administrative departments – […]

Aerial photos on the rise after success of Google maps

How aerial photographs are used to make maps Modern map-makers rely on a method that was used by some of the earliest cartographers. They go to a high place to get a picture of the terrain. In bygone centuries the cartographer would climb to the top of a hill, carrying instruments and drawing equipment with […]

Car deaths increase globally regardless of safer motoring

Road traffic: how cities battle to keep control  written by the  After almost a century of improvement in the speed of cars, in roads and in traffic control, it takes as long to cross central London now as it did in 1900. Then, the average speed of horse-drawn carriages was 8mph (13km/h). In 1988, […]